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Wenbo Lee
Chef of the Great Wall restaurant
Wenbo Lee.
A chef with incredible work experience of 25 years. Wenbo came to Ukraine back in 1996, from Jilin Province in northeastern China. During his stay in Ukraine he worked as a chef in Yalta, Cherkasy, Kyiv and Vinnytsia. Working as a chef for Wenbo is both a hobby and a life in itself. The best compliment from the chef for you will be an incredible menu created especially for the Great Wall. Wenbo believes that Chinese cuisine can be not only delicious, but also a work of art.
We are happy to invite you to visit our restaurant and new dishes from the new chef, Wenbo.

Chef special
468/858 uah
0.5/1 pc
Peking duck
A classic of Chinese cooking, according to an Eastern saying: "You haven't been to Beijing unless you've seen the Great wall and tasted Peking duck."
Marinated duck according to a special recipe of our chef in combination with the author's sauce gives the dish an even more refined taste.

128 uah
250 g
Muer and white mushrooms salad
Wood mushrooms, also called muer or abalone, are very popular in China. They got their name because they grow on the bark of trees. In terms of vitamins, tree mushrooms are not inferior to vegetables and fruits, and even surpass meat products in terms of minerals. So You just have to try this salad. The combination of useful and tasty in one dish.

148 uah
300 g
Yu-Xiang pork
The meat is cooked in a sour-hot sauce.
Then there is a slightly sweet aftertaste. Combined with bell peppers and muer mushrooms. The latter gave the dish its extraordinary flavor. All this is prepared using a technique that only our chef knows. The recipe has been handed down for generations, and we are sincerely glad that we have the opportunity to treat you to this traditional dish.
208 uah
350 g
Veal teppan
Teppan is a style of cooking, the essence of which is that the chef prepares products on a wide metal pan "teppan" after which the hot dish immediately falls into the plates. Interesting cooking technique makes the dish in a special way deserves your attention. Juicy meat combined with vegetables and sauce from the chef. Casually, the dish is served dangerously tasty and hot.
148 uah
300 g
Gong-Bao chicken
Selected chicken fillet combined with peanuts.
Unusual, isn't it? Spicy taste, a little spice, bell pepper and onions.
Juicy meat, nuts add a distinctive, interesting taste. Sauce from the Chef and a little
love-the dish is ready. We promise, this dish will become Your favorite.
128 uah
Fried potatoes with Laoganma sauce
One of the hot sauces that can be found among their huge number invented in China is lao gan ma sauce. This sauce is truly versatile, organically combining its taste with any dish. In the southeastern provinces of China, where its use is particularly common, the sauce is served to absolutely everything from soups to salads, as well as snacks. An interesting aftertaste combined with potatoes make the dish traditionally Chinese.
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